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We are the EELITE

Our Equestrian Commitment

EE of Equestrian Elite
Eelite Equerstrian exists for the love of equestrian fashion.
We are a global platform for the equestrian luxury fashion promoting the network between brands, designers and costumers.

EE of Equestrian Exclusivity
The essence and personality of each rider just one click away. We promote individuality through unique and limited pieces.

EE of Equestrian E-commerce
The e-commerce solution for luxury brands, designers, retailers and customers.
If you are a designer, here you can sell your products, with total control over your price and through effective communication with your audience.
If you are a retailer, we can help sell items that are no longer in demand, through communication strategies developed for this purpose.
If you are a client looking for individuality and luxury fashion, welcome to your platform!

EE of Equestrian Eco-friendly
We invest in practices that promote sustainability in the equestrian world through programs to collect and reuse equestrian material, giving them a new “stable” and a second life.

EE of Equine Welfare
Excellent performance can only be achieved with maximum comfort and the best care. At Eelite Equestrian we are deeply committed to the promotion and development of materials that promote horse welfare.

Welcome to the Eelite Equestrian, the house of luxury equestrian fashion!

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