Racing Pads Full Cut


Amahashe Saddle Pads are a range of light weight saddle pads. The combination of the contour/profile fit and the stretch material used make Amahashe Saddle Pads uniquely suited for the use on the equine athlete.

Amahashe Saddle Pads are made from high-density close-cell foam, which reduces impact and pressure points from the saddle. Essentially, they form a shock absorber between the saddle and the horse. Although the pads cannot correct an ill-fitting saddle, they spread the pressure over a larger area, thus alleviating discomfort.

Amahashe Saddle Pads have been tested against numerous other products. Thermographic imaging has shown that with the use of Amahashe Saddle Pads, normal blood flow and skin temperatures in pressure areas are restored more quickly. Further temperature testing has been done using temperature strips on the neck and quarters of the horse and under the saddle. These tests found that whilst skin temperatures in all three areas were similar after a hard work out, the use of some products results in vast temperature spikes under the saddle almost immediately. The holes in Amahashe Saddle Pads prevent such temperature spikes by allowing heat and sweat to escape.

Available sizes:

  • Small with 7mm of thickness and weight 175 grams
  • Small with 10mm of thickness and weight 255 grams
  • Medium with 7mm of thickness and weight 260 grams
  • Medium with 10mm of thickness and weight 355 grams


Limited to the existing stock. Some orders may take up to 2 weeks to be delivered. If we don’t have this product in stock, we will contact you.

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