Riding breeches ERElodie Diamond FullGrip


Elodie Diamond 4-pocket ladies’ riding breeches with silicone fullseat. Four pockets: Diagonal inserted pockets at the front with diagonal opening and glitter details on the edge. Two inserted pockets at the back, also featuring glitter details on the edges. You will also find these glitter details at the back on the saddle pass. The silicone fullseat is in a contrasting colour to that of the riding breeches. The elastic legs ends are also in a contrasting colour. The material used for the Elodie Diamond FullGrip ladies’ riding breeches consists of a material mixture of 94% polyester (micro polyester), and 6% elastane. This gives you a maximum of free movement, and high resistance and durability of your riding breeches. Elodie Diamond FullGrip are also available as children’s riding breeches.
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