UOF Race Helmet Shine Bordeaux with Hazelnut Leather


Here we present you your next helmet with an amazing design and italian quality!

About the outer shell: The soft and ergonomic design is moved by an aesthetic curve over the whole high circumference. The ventilation system, on the front (front) and rear (parietal) are placed two perspiration holes, 4 in all, protected by a super metal, these guarantee good ventilation and breathability. The fit is deep. The perimeter of the cap envelops the skull following the curve of the ears (temporal), to become concave posteriorly (occipital), corresponding to the nape, deliberately envelops the lateral lobes and leaves the cervical area free, to prevent the helmet from causing damage in case of backward impact. Designed to offer maximum protection.

About the visors: It is made of  very flexible nylon, ultra flex system, indestructible, always covered in leather or soft fabrics.

About the retention system: It is inserted in the four fundamental points, makes the helmet very stable.

About the weight: Very light with only 400/450gr.

About the certification: Each of UOF helmets passes the homologation tests and is certified by CSI S.p.A, which means that riders and jockeys using the helmets of UOF helmets have the peace of mind to carry out their equestrian discipline safely with certified products according to: (European) CE VG1 01.040 2014-12; (British) PAS 015: 2011


Care Instructions:

  • The outer shells of Uof helmets can only be washed by hand, with only water or neutral detergents that do not contain aggressive substances
  • For genuine leather parts, use only water or specific skin products
  • The internal padding can be washed with soap and water
  • Drying must take place naturally, in the shade and in an airy room.


The time of delivery of this product can vary accordingly with the production time estimated by UOF Helmets. We will inform you of this estimated time as soon as we received from the brand.

To customize with your name please send e-mail to shop@eelite-equestrian.com or message us +34675368551

The price may vary based on customization, the price of each custom helmet will be sent to customer for prior approval.